Optimized hetero integration of basic elements on the silicon platform for quantum optics

Project of Prof. Dr. Jörg Schulze (IHT), Prof. Dr. Peter Michler (IHfG), Prof. Dr. Thomas Weiss (PI4)

Quantum-technological applications have a high demand on the stability and environmental control during operation. The most promising way for such a control of the surrounding is the direct integration of all needed components on one chip: multiple non-classical light sources, complex photonic logic and single-photon detectors must be simultaneously integrated on the same chip. The most advanced and versatile platform for the implementation of highly complex and scalable photonic logic is the silicon platform.

In this project, we intend to integrate directly InAs-based quantum dots emitting in the telecom C-band on a silicon-platform chip including SiGeSn excitation laser and single-photon detectors for high-end quantum information processing. The experimental realization of possible prototypes is carried out in a close and interdisciplinary collaboration between electrical engineering (Prof. Schulze) and physics (Prof. Michler). Additionally, the project receives strong theoretical support (Prof. Weiss) to enable optimized photonic components in order to obtain high coupling efficiencies between light and matter and to exploit cavity-quantum-electrodynamical effects.

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