Didactic activities

Interdisciplinary project of the Research Training Group

Modern science – and thus also our field of quantum photonics – relies on interdisciplinarity and strong collaboration between different disciplines. This will also lead to interdisciplinary lectures, seminars and labs between engineering and physics. However, both subjects already have well established curricula within their own fields that now need to be opened for the partners. The Physics Education Research group (Prof. Nawrodt) at the University of Stuttgart will work on interdisciplinary teaching of modern photonic and quantum technology. Here, we are working towards the definition of common standards for interdisciplinary teaching. Of particular importance is the transfer of these topics to the next generation of quantum researchers. The Research Training Group has a large potential to motivate young high-school students for photonic quantum technology in a longer term. To achieve this, three aspects will be considered: Evaluation and feedback on interdisciplinary teaching, developing a workshop format for bachelor and master students and setting up suitable projects being taught to high-school students in teach-teaching-labs.

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