Sensing of weak non-stationary signals with an integrated magneto-optical quantum sensor

Project of Prof. Dr. Jörg Wrachtrup (PI3), Prof. Dr. Jens Anders (IIS), Prof. Dr. Cristina Tarín (ISYS)

Quantum sensors are ideally suited for the measurement of weak signals. Yet, in almost all cases, the sensors draw their sensitivity from a large sensor volume and are limited to the detection of stationary signals. In this project, we will research and develop a nano- to microscale magneto-optical quantum sensor for measuring non-stationary, non-periodic signals. The sensor will be multi-modal, being capable of measuring, for instance, electric and magnetic fields, as well as temperature changes. In the first funding period, we specifically intend to demonstrate the detection of magnetic fields over a wide dynamic range with an adaptable sensor bandwidth. To this end, the three PIs of the project of the Research Training Group team up to achieve a sensor performance greatly beyond the current state-of-the-art. PI3 and IIS will focus on sensor hardware. ISYS will develop dedicated signal analysis to improve detection efficiency by using an advanced signal acquisition mode, which uses an adaptive filter function together with a model of the signal to enable narrow bandwidth detection over a wide frequency range.

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